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Your partner in North America

Because of our ‘neutral’ nature as a private group tour operator, our greatest strength is our ability to operate trips under a variety of brands. We have experience operating trips for TrekAmerica, Intrepid Travel, Grand American Adventures, Exodus, Sawadee, Wikinger (German language), Studiosus (also German speaking), Peregrine Adventures, The Adventure Company, and many more. AmeriCan Adventures is able to provide service for trips in German, Korean, and Mandarin. Other languages possible upon request.

We work diligently to protect and support the customer journey by fully supporting these partner brands throughout each trip. This includes vehicle and uniform branding, as well as special training on each company’s culture and expectations.

Each year, we meet with the product management teams in each brand to review the previous season’s trips and discuss how we can create even better experiences for their clients. This includes developing new trips and building on the successful programs.

Here are some of the current partners that work with AmeriCan Adventures to operate their North American trips.

Gateway cities

We’ve strategically chosen the best gateway cities to start and end our client’s trips. Although we’re flexible on these locations, the cities highlighted on the map are the most attractive while also offering the best prices on flights to keep costs down.

Note: Zoom out on the map to see our Alaska and Hawaii Gateway Cities


San Francisco










Las Vegas

New Orleans

Salt Lake City

Santa Monica




Los Angeles

New York City


Itineraries to suit your client’s needs

Our itineraries are designed to offer enough time to see all of the highlights of a particular park or region. With two and three night stays in the greatest National Parks, clients will be able to visit the diverse offerings of these beautiful parks.

Typically, our first day is used to visit the ‘highlights’ such as viewpoints and points of special note. Then, on the second day, we offer our clients a wide range of hikes and activities to give them a more personal perspective of the park. Others may choose to spend their time visiting museums and gift shops.

Activities to fit your client’s budget

Depending on your groups interests, budget and needs, each trip will be tailored to have a host of included activities – all suited for easy to moderate activity levels.

Sea kayaking, whale watching, horseback riding and guided jeep tours are just some of the most popular ways to get up close and personal with nature. Guided hikes and sunsets walks are also a great way to round off the day.

"There is no place in the world that offers such an amazing array of wilderness settings, vibrant cities, quaint towns, historic monuments and cultural diversity. And better yet, it comes served with a healthy slice of charming hospitality and honest gratitude. This is North America at its best – and this is what makes us so proud to ‘host’ our visitors on these unique travel experiences. I would like to personally invite you to get in touch with our office to start the process of creating your group’s unforgettable trip."Matt Berna

Matt Berna


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