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Seasonal Tour Leader Positions

Interested in working with us and want to share your love of North America and the great outdoors with the rest of the world? Being a Group Leader is a lot of hard work, and often a big lifestyle change.

To see if the job is for you please read all about the role below, then feel free to apply.

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Meet Some of Our Group Leaders!

JD Sorrell

8th year senior leader

Anne Perry

1st year leader

Tommy McNamara

5th year senior leader

Emily Fielder

2nd year leader

Heather Warren

2nd year leader

Christine Cunningham

2nd year leader

Liz Bruner

4th year senior leader

    "There is no place in the world that offers such an amazing array of wilderness settings, vibrant cities, quaint towns, historic monuments and cultural diversity. And better yet, it comes served with a healthy slice of charming hospitality and honest gratitude. This is North America at its best – and this is what makes us so proud to ‘host’ our visitors on these unique travel experiences. I would like to personally invite you to get in touch with our office to start the process of creating your group’s unforgettable trip."Matt Berna

    Matt Berna


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    About Us
    AmeriCan Leaders are a diverse group of passionate travellers that aim to craft experiences for guests to create an unforgettable experience. Our goal: Create memories that people can go home and brag to their friends and family about for years to come. We create authentic experiences by getting creative with trips at every stop. From a two-step lesson in a Texas dance hall, to dinner with Navajo families our leaders look for unique experiences that will ‘wow’ guests daily.
    Our leaders have the opportunity to wear many different hats. As North America’s largest destination management company, AmeriCan leaders may operate tours for Intrepid Travel, TrekAmerica and Grand American Adventures as well as many other brands. This means diversity in the trips we run, including specialty language tours, cycling or hiking tours, food tourism, and national park focused tours.

    Why Us?

    We know, you’re awesome! You have a ton of people skills, camping experience, travel journals, and more. So why would you want to join us compared to other travel companies. We’ve got a long list of reasons, but let’s start with this: we want to meet you and give you a chance to live your dream job. Don’t hesitate to call us in person for more reasons, here’s the number to our Recruitment Manager, Tiprin Lujan- (707) 525-6785
    Our Leaders and What They Do
    Our Group Leaders are an incredible collection of individuals and represent a variety of unique backgrounds. They love to share their curiosity about the world and enthusiasm for travel with our guests. They always have the right balance of passion, enthusiasm, professionalism, compassion and resourcefulness are always customer focused and intuitively know when to add those special touches that allow for the creation of special moments for each and every guest.
    The role of a Group Leader is extensive. Our Leaders are responsible for their equipment, itinerary, and the safety and happiness of their passengers. As you can imagine, creating an unforgettable experience consists of many moving parts. Some of which include:
    • Safely driving a van with a maximum of 13 passengers and tow a trailer filled with camping gear and luggage on a daily basis.
    • Facilitating group meals and cooking outdoors.
    • Managing trip expenses and budgets, recording receipts, handling large sums of money responsibly.
    • Booking activities and campgrounds.
    • Inspecting and maintaining all equipment and performing daily inspections on the van.
    • Adhering to Federal Department of Transportation laws and regulations.
    • Delivering well researched and rehearsed cultural and historical information on each location visited.
    • Handling all customer dynamics, satisfaction, requests and complaints.


    Our leaders are passionate about the outdoors and relish the opportunity to live outside for the season. Whether it’s in the mountains of the Rockies, Canyonlands of the southwest, our leaders are easy going and will spend the majority of their season living in the moment and sleeping under the stars.

    Training and Skills

    Our leaders complete an in-depth four-week long training program, which includes customer service, local knowledge, responsible travel, safety, and driving skills, and they’re first aid and CPR certified. Training is demanding, however, we feel we have some of the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic leaders in the industry because of it.
    Training is led by the management team here and backed by their experience as leaders themselves. Although it’s impossible to train you on every situation that may arise, we give you as many tools as we can to prepare you for leading independently.
    Training is divided into three main components for the duration of the month:
    • Leader Theory: Covering a range of topics including Safety, Customer Service, Group Dynamics, Company Policy, Logistics, and more.
    • On the Road training: Taking you out into the field to run a mock tour with your fellow trainees gives you a better understanding of camp set up, organization, logistics, safe driving practices, trailer backing, emergency scenarios, and more.
    • Protocol Training: Each leader must perform a number of administrative tasks as part of their role. This week, we train you on finances and accounts, emergency contact procedures, trip briefings and wrap-up, and operational policies.


    We are especially proud of the level of support that we offer our leaders, with operations bases in west and east USA, and in Canada, we can provide support to our groups in any situation to ensure a secure and stable experience.
    The majority of our management team consists of Group Leaders who have progressed in their careers. They understand what leaders are going through on an operational AND emotional level and are available throughout the week to offer support. Outside of business hours, leaders can contact a manager through our 24 hour emergency contact line for help any hour of the day.


    Sometimes the amount of destination knowledge can seem impossible to learn. Although we have no magic technique to turn you into an encyclopedia of North American knowledge, we offer you guidance and coaching on how to get organized, take notes, build your knowledge base, and deliver presentations to your group. Our trips are completely unscripted and often it is up to the leader to decide what information to deliver to passengers on a daily basis.
    To help you along, AmeriCan has an intranet system dedicated to providing leaders with step by step guides on each itinerary we offer. These guides layout a road map on where to go, special routes to take, local eateries and quirky sights, as well as practical information such as which campground to book and where the local recycling facilities are. These guides are written by leaders, for leaders so we have the most up to date knowledge from guides who are out on the road leading trips each season.

    Culture and Networking

    Having a strong network of fellow leaders is often the best part of the job! Many leaders who lead a nomadic lifestyle have no one better to understand them than others on the road. We’re a family here at AmeriCan and when pulling into a campground after a long drive or a tough day, there’s no better sight to see than another leader. Senior leaders can often be a valuable resource of guidance and information and provide welcome tips when we need it most. These people often become your closest friends, sharing your views and interests in ways that align with your lifestyle.
    In the winter, it’s not uncommon for groups of us to get together in a far off destination for a bit of a vacation. We’re travelers, after all, and are always off to the next adventure. Networking with other leaders can also help you throughout the off-season, helping to find winter work at their favorite ski town or resort. You’d be surprised how many different roles people can take on after a summer with us.
    A Day in the Life of a Group Leader


    A group leader’s day will usually begin early in the morning. Before meeting passengers for the morning meeting, leaders are usually busy inspecting their vehicle and making final preparations for a great day. Leaders plan their itineraries and manage and arrange all the logistics involved with their trips, so there is plenty of work to do before the day starts.


    In the mornings you may need to break-down camp and move onto the next destination, leaders will plan their routes and organize and facilitate the whole process, as well as handle all the driving with a trailer. Sometimes the driving distances can be significant.
    The majority of the day will be spent with the guests, participating in activities and addressing their needs. Throughout the day, group leaders are the key to creating a seamless and fun experience for their groups. They will research unfamiliar territory thoroughly prior to giving the tour and be prepared and organized for each step of the process. A leader organizes optional activities, outdoor activities, provides city sightseeing excursions and arranges night time entertainment. As an added benefit, leaders often participate in optional activities with their passengers such as helicopter rides, white water rafting, and horse-back riding free of charge.
    We lead groups to cities, National Parks, and other historic and outdoor locations where history, wildlife and scenic locations are the focus of the tour. Our leaders study hard so they are knowledgeable about the region and have the ability to engage visitors with their knowledge of the flora, fauna and history of the location. Often times, you will lead guided hikes yourself throughout the National Parks.


    In the evening, you’ll be setting-up camp and teaching campground etiquette, Leave No Trace principles and delegating chores ranging from cooking to loading the equipment out of or into the trailer. Leaders will continually manage the group dynamics as well as immediately address any conflicts and concerns.
    And last, it’s time to present an evening meeting to highlight the next day’s itinerary then relax and have a meal with the guests while possibly enjoying a camp fire or evening out on the town. Then, it’s back to tying up the loose ends and confirming all the details for the following day.


    A leader also performs a daily list of administrative and clerical tasks. This will include accounting and managing trip funds, organize and confirm appointments, and ensure the gear is in working order. Our leaders may be outdoor enthusiast but they’re also knowledgeable and responsible for managing their administrative duties while working remotely in the field.
    About Our Trips

    Location and Style

    Picture yourself camping in Kodachrome Basin, waking up early in the morning to boil a kettle of water for the morning coffee. Today you may be on your way to Moab for a jeep tour or hike so each of your passengers needs to pack up their gear and help you load up the trailer. It’s up to you to make sure everyone is on time and ready to go. Group leaders can be responsible for many types of trips like multi-day camping, budget lodging, hiking and cycling tours throughout Canada and the United States. We don’t regionalize our leaders so expect that all 50 states could be your office. Sound overwhelming, see the ‘Our leaders and what they do’ section for more detail.


    Our trips are all about the local flair and diversity of our leaders. When we ask our passengers what the best part of their experience was, the answer is usually us. We take groups to our favorite sunset points, our local dive bars, and the best spot for a family BBQ in town. It’s what sets us apart and makes each trip a unique experience.

    Our Fleet

    We Drive. Like, a lot! From Yellowstone National Park to the wilds of Alaska, we operate a fleet of 15 passenger vans along with a cargo trailer full of camping gear, and have full-time mechanics regularly maintain the vehicles to ensure we have the support we need on the road.

    Our Passengers

    Each tour has its own unique character that will appeal to different people and our passenger range in ethnicity, backgrounds, tastes, and travel styles. 98% of our passengers are from Western Europe (Britain, Germany, Netherlands, and more), Australia, and Korea.

    Lifestyle and Trip Length

    Leaders love to travel and feel at home living out of a tent, van, or hotel room. We can’t wait for the summer to arrive so we can hit the road again and wake up with the sunrise, and have the moon as their nightlight. We thrive on new surroundings and new challenges daily and can’t stand the thought of a 9-5 workday. The work is exhausting, customer facing 24/7, and demanding to say the least, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.
    Trips range from 3 to 80 days in length, and vary with a mix of rustic camping, hostels and basic to mid-range budget lodging. Our types of tours are the best way to discover this continent with a unique combination of sightseeing and adventure activities going “where the crowds can’t go.”

    Responsible Travel

    We as leaders understand that the impact of travel can also come with undesirable consequences. As a team we aim to offset these impacts by travelling responsibly, maximizing the benefits and minimizing negative effects. On our tours, we recycle, encourage passengers to utilize reusable water bottles, practice Leave No Trace principles daily, and foster the growth of local economies by utilizing local small businesses.
    To learn more about the different brands and trips we operate tours for, be sure to visit www.intrepidtravel.com, www.trekamerica.com, www.grandamericanadventures.com.
    Curious what our trips are like? Take a look at the following videos:
    Is this job for you?
    When applying for a position with us, know that we demand a lot from our staff because we provide a level of service that is well above the standard in the adventure travel industry. We look for people aligned with our core values in their personal and professional lives. If you are a motivated, energetic, customer-focused and hard-working person with a love for people and the outdoors, and are interested in growing with us, we would love to learn more about you.
    The roles and responsibilities associated with being a group leader are challenging and rewarding, but the job is not for everyone. Before pursuing a new career with AmeriCan Adventures, here are some questions to ask yourself:
    • Does this type of intense working environment fit my personality?
    • Will I like being in a full-time customer service oriented, guest-facing job?
    • Can I commit to being available from April to September?
    • How well will I adapt to working every day with limited personal space and time to myself?
    • Does working in a high-energy, fast-paced, family-friendly, environment excite me?
    • Will I enjoy being responsible for both adults and kids and all aspects of a tour?
    • Am I able to drive long distances with a large trailer up to 10 hours every day?
    • Will I mind living out of a backpack at campgrounds and hotels, moving destinations daily?
    • Will I be able to manage the stress of managing trip logistics and large sums of money?
    • Will I be able to literally live outside for the whole season, enduring Mother Nature?
    • Am I a strong public speaker and am confident leading and organizing large groups?
    • Am I able to study and learn large amounts of information in short periods of time?
    • Am I a people person and am comfortable speaking to and leading large groups?
    • Am I able to work alone without any direct support and supervision for weeks at a time?
    To meet our requirements and be competitive, you also must:
    • Provide legal eligibility to work in the United States or Canada
    • Have no alcohol related offenses on your driving record
    • Have an exceptionally clean driving record
    • Be available to work from April to September
    • Have strong organizational skills with outstanding attention to detail
    • Be able to work independently and with a team environment
    • Be flexible, adaptable, approachable with great communication skills
    • Be comfortable speaking in front of large groups
    • Be flexible and adaptable with work schedules, job duties and job locations
    • Have related experience in customer service, hospitality or tourism industry
    • Be able to work with Microsoft Office, primarily Word and Excel
    • Be able to live a nomadic life-style and enjoy camping for long periods of time
    • Have travel experience in the USA and a passion for travel
    • Be able to provide a laptop computer
    We work hard to create a healthy, supportive environment where everyone on our team is treated with respect. Our group leaders are our most valuable asset and our success is the direct result of our outstanding, quality-driven team members who enjoy challenging themselves and growing with every experience.

    What happens if I can’t attend the Hiring Event?

    What is the hiring event like? What should I expect?

    Does the driving record have to be submitted before I am interviewed?

    If I speak a second language fluently, do I need to attend a Hiring Event?

    Do I need do have the legal right to work in the USA or Canada?

    I don’t have a work visa, can AmeriCan Adventures sponsor me?

    Can I and my partner work together?

    Is it possible to work year-round?

    What do leaders do in the winter season?

    Who exactly will I be working for?

    Do you have any specific trips or regions are you hiring for?

    How much time is there between tours?

    Where do I spend my turn-around time?

    In between trips, where does the group leader stay?

    Will I need to relocate?

    How old do I have to be?

    How many leaders are on each trip?

    How long is the season?

    Are accommodations provided?

    Where will I guide tours?

    Who are the passengers?

    Do I need a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) in the USA?

    Do I need a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) in Canada?

    Is training provided?

    What brands will I guide tours for?

    After training, when do I start leading trips?

    Does AmeriCan offer health insurance?

    Canadian Leader FAQ

    Meet JD Sorrell

    Describe yourself in 2 sentences (experience, hobbies, ambitions, etc…).
    I am a typical Midwestern cowboy that doesn’t’ know the word stranger. Occasionally I partake in moments that scare the life back into me.

    What brings you back year after year?
    Coming back year after to year is rather easy, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Honestly though, guides are the luckiest people alive. We get paid to go out and passionately be ourselves in areas we would go otherwise out of our pocket. Most importantly, I get to work with the most passionate and talented people alive. This job has me in awe, awe the time. The places we go are matched only by the people I work alongside. Absolutely beautiful and amazing. Most offices have motivational posters on the wall, we on the other hand, have motivational people on the walls. Turns out I could have answered this question with, “the people”.

    Can you describe a ‘wow’ moment, when you thought ‘I can’t believe this is my job’?
    This job has me saying wow more often than not. Some of it are those funny interactions you get with people you’ve just met, others are doing something you’ve never done or the real positive moments of pushing someone to do something they’ve never done. But my favorite are those moments when you forget you’re working and become a passenger yourself. While in Alaska I took a scenic bear flight to Katmai island and while we all sat and ate lunch a snow brown bear and her curious cubs inched themselves within ten yards of our spot. The pilot turned with a sly smile and said, “not a bad day in the office.” As I thought about the this massive bear within yards of myself it came to me that his company covered my rather costly flight over, gave me some commission and my company was paying me, all I could muster was, “Yeap.”

    What do you plan to do in the winter season? What have you done in the past?
    Winter seasons have meant many different things. That’s another bonus to being a guide. The time off means you can pursue other passions. You don’t have to be a weekend warrior, you can be a seasonal warrior. I get the time to really dive into and immerse yourself, whatever that may be. I’ve helped my family train horses, traveled with them to Africa, worked along side my father doing charity auctions, coached wrestling with some best friends, dabbled in photography, road trips with fellow guides, spend all my money on things that go fast and at other times, just sit back and enjoy the good life.

    What do you think makes a ‘great’ leader? How can returning leaders improve year after year?
    I think things returning guides can do to get to that point starts with being humble. Humble about areas your strong and weak. Learning to lead from the back of the pack gives you better vision about who your group is and what is going to make the trip unique to each individuals. No two trips are ever the same nor are two people. So don’t make your trip set in stone, use the dry erase board and be flexible and challenge yourself daily. Don’t be afraid to keep doing things you’ve never done. That’s how we all started and it’s what drives us.


    How to Apply?
    Available positions will be posted at www.americanadventures.com/job-openings.
    As you begin the recruitment process, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. Our recruitment team is excited to talk with you about our program and share their trip leading and personal experiences.

    Before you begin:

    All applicants are required to submit the following information at the time of application. Incomplete applications will not be accepted or reviewed:
    1. Complete the online employment application 2. Submit a cover letter 3. Submit a resume 4. Submit an optional video resume 5. Submit a Certified Driving Record, Certified Driver’s Abstract or equivalent or higher from each State/Province where you have held a Driver’s License during the past five years.
    *Your records and history must go back at least five years; a three year record will not suffice.
    If you have already requested your driving records from the DMV, please feel free to submit an application, resume, video resume, and cover letter. Once you receive your driving records, email them to tiprin.lujan@americanadventures.com.

    Read more about resumes

    Read more driving record requirements

    What happens after I submit my application and required documents?

    We will contact you to schedule a pre-screen interview which is a short phone or video interview. Once an interview is completed you may be invited to attend our second-round interview which is one of our Hiring Events.

    If you are planning on applying for the 2016 season please be sure to complete your application before the following deadlines:

    San Francisco– February 19th, 2018 February 12th, 2018
    Seattle– March 9th, 2018 March 2nd, 2018


    What is a hiring event?

    The Hiring Events are a critical step to determine if you will be a good fit for the role. It’s a great opportunity for getting to know future colleagues and assess if the job is the right fit for you.  You’ll also meet our recruitment team and get a better feel for our company, culture and program. Although well worth the investment, it doesn’t exclude you from employment; those that attend will have priority selection. Within the week after the Hiring Events, we will call or email you to announce your hiring status.

    Typically we have 20+ candidates at the hiring event staffed by our Hiring Team. The day consists of a mix of workshops, hands-on skills assessments, group scenarios, and one on one interviewing.

    The costs of travel to Hiring Events are paid by the applicant. We will help you connect with other candidates to share costs and source discounted hotel rooms.


    Is anyone invited?

    No, only candidates who have successfully completed their applications and Skype interview will be invited to the Hiring Events. We want to make sure this job is the right fit for your personality and lifestyle. So we do our best to get to know you well before making a decision. Getting hired is a 4-step process.

    STEP 1: Application (online)
    STEP 2: Skype Interview
    STEP 3: Hiring Event
    STEP 4: Training


    Why should I attend a Hiring Event?

    One of the many benefits of coming to a Hiring Event is priority selection.  All candidates who are unable to attend the Hiring Events will be wait listed until those who attended have been offered positions.  Additionally at each Hiring Event you will be asked which training trip you would like to attend. Our Training Trips fill up quickly so if you’re hoping to join us at a particular date, the Hiring Event will allow you the best advantage. Keep in mind, each candidate should be available to work from their Training Trip start date until Sept. 30th (some flexibility may be available, e-mail us for details).  

    2017 Training Dates:
    Training Trip #1: April 9th – May 1st
    Training Trip #2: May 14th – June 5th
    Training Trip #3: May 28th – June 19th
    Training Trip #4: June 18th – July 10th

    ‘AmeriCan Adventures is committed to the safety of our passengers and the well-being of our employees above all else.  All applicants will be drug and alcohol screened in compliance with Department of Transportation standards both upon hire and periodically throughout their season of employment.’

    Meet Anne Perry
    Anne Perry

    We’d like to introduce Anne and thank her for sharing with us what her favorite moment has been so far this season and what her biggest challenge has been.

    On my Southern Sun trip we were in Monument Valley on a jeep tour. It looked like it might rain and then within 20 minutes it started down pouring like crazy! I thought my group would be so angry and disappointed but instead all I can hear is people laughing uncontrollably! It made me start laughing and I couldn’t stop! So we are in the back of a jeep and can barely see because it is raining so hard and everyone is just laughing and having the time of their lives!

    Biggest challenge wasn’t what I thought it would be. For this job you can never be perfectly organized nor have things planned out, so the hardest thing is accepting that. I like to be organized but for this position you need to be able to think quickly on your feet when something happens that you don’t expect and being able to sell the “new” experience to your passengers. I’ve learned you need to be a good mixture of organized and extremely laid back.

    Meet Tommy McNamara
    Thomas McNamara

    Describe yourself in 2 sentences (experience, hobbies, ambitions, etc…).
    After five seasons I’ve had the privilege of leading tours through all 50 beautiful states of America. When I’m not on the road I’m either traveling abroad, playing around with photography and pianos or spending time back home in NYC with my family.

    What brings you back year after year?
    It’s very simple. What brings me back each year are my fellow leaders, my passengers and having a job that inspires others to live freer and better lives.

    Can you describe a ‘wow’ moment, when you thought ‘I can’t believe this is my job’?
    This summer I got to experience a season in Alaska. My “Wow” moment of the year was definitely landing on a glacier in the shadow of Mount McKinley. With my group smiling ear to ear, I took a step back and remembered, “I am getting paid to do this!”

    What do you plan to do in the winter season? What have you done in the past?
    In past winters I’ve used my time off to live and work in some beautiful places like Hawaii and New Zealand. Last winter I helped our company sell tours throughout the UK and Europe. This winter I’m planning on doing some road tripping with other leaders and take flying lessons before the next season starts.

    What do you think makes a ‘great’ leader? How can returning leaders improve year after year?
    It’s so hard to pin point exactly what makes a great leader. Great leaders can be so radically different from each other and amazing in their own way. But they do have a few things in common. First, they are all genuine people wether they are with a group or with friends. Second is all about effort. They are the ones going the extra step for their passengers, taking the time to learn something new each day. Bottom line, great leaders care about their groups, other leaders and it’s obvious and genuine.
    Leaders can always improve each year, whether it’s your 2nd or 22nd season. Maybe they are great storytellers and bring the history of our parks alive but need help with camp meal ideas. Maybe they are filled with knowledge about unique hikes in the southwest, but need help managing their group dynamics. We all have our strengths and weaknesses and it’s important to lean on and learn from each other’s experiences. As you get better, you gain more confidence and have more time in your day to just enjoy what you’re doing.

    Instagram @tmc_movinit

    Meet Emily Fielder
    Emily Fielder

    We’d like to introduce Emily to you, our newest blogger.

    A fellow wanderer once told me “to travel is to love something that is never ending”. Ever since I finished high school I have been on the move, spending more time abroad than in America, studying, living and working. I’ve worked jobs as various as a cruise ship in Alaska, tour guiding at the Hobbit movie set in New Zealand and selling ice creams in Sydney, Australia. Last May I returned home to the USA to work my dream job at Trek America. This has been the best job I have ever had. I get to be an ambassador to America and am getting to do what I love most; travel. Where else can you spend your days exploring this vast and diverse country and in the company of amazing people? There is nothing quite like watching someone experience the wonders of Yosemite, dance to country music in Nashville or try a real “American milkshake” for the first time. Every day is literally a brand new adventure. I’m living my dream.

    If you’re ever in South Dakota and need some helpful tips on places to visit, check out Emily’s latest blog post, http://www.trekamerica.co.uk/blog/5-surprises-of-south-dakota

    Meet Heather Warren
    Heather Warren

    Thanks to Heather Warren for sharing with us what are the best things about being Canadian as well as a Group Leader.

    Best thing about working with PEAK is although you’re technically working, you get the opportunity to find the secret gems hidden in your country and you also get to show them off to travellers. The opportunity of showing off my country and being proud to call it my home is what makes this job so amazing and what brings me back each year. I’ve worked many jobs and have always dreaded not having days off because I want to DO something or to travel somewhere. With this job, you are always doing something, always smiling, and always traveling. Of course, meeting all your passengers is amazing but meeting all the other tour leaders and support staff that are just like YOU, make it more awesome as well.

    There are so many attributes to being Canadian, aside from sexy lumberjacks to wild beavers, we are known for our friendly personalities and it’s truly something I am proud of. The best thing about being Canadian can basically be summed up in four words: bacon, caesars and Tim Hortons.

    As the beer commercial says, I’m proud to be Canadian.

    Meet Christine Cunningham
    Christine Cunningham

    Describe yourself in 2 sentences (experience, hobbies, ambitions, etc…).
    I am a history loving hiking freak that’s always looking for the next adventure. This job is my dream.

    What brings you back year after year?
    The thing that brings me back year after year is this is my dream job. My job is to travel around and show off this beautiful country to people from around the world. I’m pretty sure there is nothing cooler than that!

    Can you describe a ‘wow’ moment, when you thought ‘I can’t believe this is my job’?
    I am constantly having wow moments in this job, but one of my favorite wow moments are Zion to Las Vegas days. A lot of times to fit everything in, we are forced to wake up at 4 am to hike one of the most incredible hikes in the world (Angel’s Landing).

    What do you plan to do in the winter season? What have you done in the past?
    Travel the world!

    What do you think makes a ‘great’ leader? How can returning leaders improve year after year?
    The two things I think make a great leader are energy and knowledge. You are responsible for not only these people having a great time, but also their safety. It’s a lot of responsibility to shoulder and it really takes it out of you after a long day. But I think the key is remembering how excited the people on your trip are, and how excited you also once were visiting these places and to keep that energy consistent. The thing leaders improve on year after year is our knowledge. The more trips you do, the wiser you become.

    Meet Liz Bruner
    Liz Bruner

    I grew up in southern New Jersey, attended the University of Vermont, and spent time living and traveling in Europe before I started working with AmeriCan Adventures. What began as a one-season summertime job has led me to my fourth season leading tours! One of my favorite parts of the job is experiencing wildlife sightings with my passengers or watching them accomplish a big hike on a trip. Also, I love spending time around the campfire- it’s a great way to get to know your fellow road trippers, and it’s a very relaxing way to end a day spent in the great outdoors. Yellowstone and Yosemite National Park are two of my favorite destinations, due to the frequent wildlife sightings and the amazing hiking opportunities. Hope to see you on the road soon!