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Providing an insider’s perspective to North America’s greatest outdoors

What We Do

We are experts at creating unique group itineraries that will fit your clients specific needs and interests.

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What We Do

With so many opportunities for personal discovery, each group retains a level of flexibility that allows for spontaneity and truly unique experiences.

Whether you are looking for a private group experience, or would like to develop an entire series of tours in North America, we hope you’ll give us a chance to inspire you and your groups, and to give them a perspective that many tour companies simply cannot deliver.

Why We Do It

We are extremely proud of this great continent and culture and want to ‘show off’ everything it has to offer.

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Why We Do It

AmeriCan Adventures is dedicated to fulfilling the unique needs and interests of our travelers and business partners alike.

We are committed to delivering an exceptional travel experience that will surpass our travelers expectations. We will do this in a safe and sustainable manner that enhances the livelihoods of the communities we visit and helps to protect our travelers and the precious lands that we explore.

How We Do It

Friendly and knowledgeable local leaders are empowered to ensure authentic and interactive experiences.

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How We Do It

We are a company of leaders… Most, if not all, of our managers started as Group Leaders and have joined the ongoing commitment to deliver life changing experiences to every passenger, on every trip, every day.

We have a total focus on passengers needs and expectations and appreciate how difficult it can be to fulfill everyone’s expectations. Every group is different and no two passengers are alike. This is where our group leaders step in – they will listen to each and every client and do their best to ensure their interests are fully satisfied.

Where We Go


Astounding in every way. Alaska presents scenic backrops and wildlife encounters that will leave you breathless.


Hike, bike, canoe and soak in the natural splendour of this outdoor lovers paradise.


An diverse blend of old Europe and modern cultural cities with a touch of the rugged outdoors.


Wide expanses of colourfully created deserts and charming coastlines encapsulate some of America’s ‘wildest’ cities.


Experience America’s true geographical and cultural diversity on a cross country road trip.


America’s most charming cities are waiting to show you a time like no other.

"There is no place in the world that offers such an amazing array of wilderness settings, vibrant cities, quaint towns, historic monuments and cultural diversity. And better yet, it comes served with a healthy slice of charming hospitality and honest gratitude. This is North America at its best – and this is what makes us so proud to ‘host’ our visitors on these unique travel experiences. I would like to personally invite you to get in touch with our office to start the process of creating your group’s unforgettable trip."Matt Berna

Matt Berna


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