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Operational Excellence

Learn how AmeriCan Adventures provides the best travel experiences in North America

Management team experience

AmeriCan Adventures operation team has an impressive depth of experience in all regions of North America – and all areas of the business.

Most senior managers worked as leaders, many with some of the current brands that we operate. We believe this experience is the key to offering unbeatable customer service – to all of our clients, whether they are business partners, or clients on our trips.

We realize that we are only as good as the trips we run and are proud to be considered the most inspired adventure tour operator in North America.

Friendly, flexible, and helpful group leaders

Our Group Leaders are an incredible collection of individuals and represent a variety of unique backgrounds.

They love to share their curiosity about the world and enthusiasm for travel with our guests. They always have the right balance of passion, enthusiasm, professionalism, compassion and resourcefulness are always customer focused and intuitively know when to add those special touches that allow for the creation of special moments for each and every guest. Most groups are led by one tour leader, however on some trips, we utilize a second leader to offer additional support to allow the group more time on the trails, or to help prepare special meals and/or provide a wider range of optional activities.

Our Vehicles

We operate a new fleet of Ford Transit vans that have been ordered directly with Ford for our specific needs. This includes a mid-height roof to provide more internal space, taller viewing windows, turbo engines for more power and excellent air conditioning and sound systems. These vans are leased brand new each year to provide better fuel efficiency which also helps lower your trip costs. For more information on these vehicles, please follow this link: http://www.ford.com/trucks/transitvanwagon/trim/wagonxlt/

Luxury Vehicles

Our clients can also travel in our specially designed and converted Ford TurtleTop vans. These vans provide additional seat space, as well as an extended roof for additional comfort. They are air-conditioned and equipped with DVD players, radios, and PA systems.

AmeriCan Adventures is the only company in the States that offers such a vehicle on small group adventures.

Vehicle Care & Safety

We maintain a strict service schedule including a safety inspection every 45 days. Our drivers are also required to complete a pre-trip inspection on the vehicle at the beginning and end of each day.

Each vehicle is inspected at the beginning of the season, and before departure from our base. We also operate a check-in/check-out procedure that acts as a further investigation of the vehicle. We maintain our own vehicles with 3 full-time, fully qualified mechanics. Our head mechanic is a master certified Ford Mechanic with over 18 years experience. We maintain vehicle maintenance records in each vehicle and each base, and inspect each vehicle thoroughly every 45 days. At the end of the season, these vehicles receive a full overhaul and major service.

This is one area of the business that we take very seriously. We are proud of our safety record and minimal break-downs. It is also worth noting that we keep extra vans at depots in Las Vegas, New Jersey, Vancouver, Texas, Tennessee and Alaska, in case of any rescues (break downs). Furthermore, our leasing company operates a fleet of thousands of vans, and can also provide any further support. In most cases, we can swap out a vehicle the same day, sometimes within hours of the breakdown or incident.

Outdoor Equipment

AmeriCan Adventure’s camping trips are outfitted with the best camping equipment available.

We currently use REI dome tents, in 4 person and family models. Our Cook Partner stoves are custom-made for our trips and instantly provide powerful cooking heat. All other cooking equipment is provided. We will also provide inflatable air mattresses to make camping a pleasure. We do ask that clients bring their own sleeping bags.

Our vans will pull trailers which holds all of the camping equipment and luggage, and provides more room inside the vehicle for day bags and personal goods.

"There is no place in the world that offers such an amazing array of wilderness settings, vibrant cities, quaint towns, historic monuments and cultural diversity. And better yet, it comes served with a healthy slice of charming hospitality and honest gratitude. This is North America at its best – and this is what makes us so proud to ‘host’ our visitors on these unique travel experiences. I would like to personally invite you to get in touch with our office to start the process of creating your group’s unforgettable trip."Matt Berna

Matt Berna


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