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Job Openings

It’s time to apply for the 2018 Summer Season!

Applications are opening November 1st, 2018. If you are planning on applying, please be sure to complete your application before the deadlines below!

What is a hiring event?

The Hiring Events are a critical step to determine if you will be a good fit for the role. It’s a great opportunity for getting to know future colleagues and staff. Although well worth the investment, it doesn’t exclude you from employment. Those that attend will have priority selection.

Typically we have 20+ candidates at the hiring event staffed by our Hiring Team. The day consists of a mix of workshops, hands-on skills assessments, group scenarios, and one on one interviewing.

San Francisco Hiring Event

San Francisco Hiring Event

Event Date: Dates TBD

Seattle Hiring Event

Seattle Hiring Event

Event Date: TBD

Why should I attend a Hiring Event?

One of the many benefits of coming to a Hiring Event is priority selection. All candidates who are unable to attend the Hiring Events will be wait listed until those who attended have been offered positions. Additionally at each Hiring Event you will be asked which training trip you would like to attend. Our Training Trips fill up quickly so if you’re hoping to join us at a particular date, the Hiring Event will allow you the best advantage. Keep in mind, each candidate should be available to work from their Training Trip start date until Sept. 30th (some flexibility may be available, e-mail us for details).

2018 Training Dates:
Training Trip #1: April 9th – May 1st
Training Trip #2: May 14th – June 5th
Training Trip #3: May 28th – June 19th
Training Trip #4: June 18th – July 10th

Is anyone invited?

No, only candidates who have successfully completed their applications and Skype interview will be invited to the Hiring Events. We want to make sure this job is the right fit for your personality and lifestyle. So we do our best to get to know you well before making a decision. Getting hired is a 4-step process.

STEP 1: Application (online)
STEP 2: Skype Interview
STEP 3: Hiring Event
STEP 4: Training

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Why Work at AmeriCan Adventures?

Easy! See what our leaders and staff have to say.

Tommy McNamara

5th year senior leader

Christine Cunningham

2nd year group leader

Heather Warren

2nd year group leader

Katie James

Purchasing Coordinator

"There is no place in the world that offers such an amazing array of wilderness settings, vibrant cities, quaint towns, historic monuments and cultural diversity. And better yet, it comes served with a healthy slice of charming hospitality and honest gratitude. This is North America at its best – and this is what makes us so proud to ‘host’ our visitors on these unique travel experiences. I would like to personally invite you to get in touch with our office to start the process of creating your group’s unforgettable trip."Matt Berna

Matt Berna


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Meet Tommy McNamara
Thomas McNamara

Describe yourself in 2 sentences (experience, hobbies, ambitions, etc…).
After five seasons I’ve had the privilege of leading tours through all 50 beautiful states of America. When I’m not on the road I’m either traveling abroad, playing around with photography and pianos or spending time back home in NYC with my family.

What brings you back year after year?
It’s very simple. What brings me back each year are my fellow leaders, my passengers and having a job that inspires others to live freer and better lives.

Can you describe a ‘wow’ moment, when you thought ‘I can’t believe this is my job’?
This summer I got to experience a season in Alaska. My “Wow” moment of the year was definitely landing on a glacier in the shadow of Mount McKinley. With my group smiling ear to ear, I took a step back and remembered, “I am getting paid to do this!”

What do you plan to do in the winter season? What have you done in the past?
In past winters I’ve used my time off to live and work in some beautiful places like Hawaii and New Zealand. Last winter I helped our company sell tours throughout the UK and Europe. This winter I’m planning on doing some road tripping with other leaders and take flying lessons before the next season starts.

What do you think makes a ‘great’ leader? How can returning leaders improve year after year?
It’s so hard to pin point exactly what makes a great leader. Great leaders can be so radically different from each other and amazing in their own way. But they do have a few things in common. First, they are all genuine people wether they are with a group or with friends. Second is all about effort. They are the ones going the extra step for their passengers, taking the time to learn something new each day. Bottom line, great leaders care about their groups, other leaders and it’s obvious and genuine.
Leaders can always improve each year, whether it’s your 2nd or 22nd season. Maybe they are great storytellers and bring the history of our parks alive but need help with camp meal ideas. Maybe they are filled with knowledge about unique hikes in the southwest, but need help managing their group dynamics. We all have our strengths and weaknesses and it’s important to lean on and learn from each other’s experiences. As you get better, you gain more confidence and have more time in your day to just enjoy what you’re doing.

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Meet Heather Warren
Heather Warren

Thanks to Heather Warren for sharing with us what are the best things about being Canadian as well as a Group Leader.

Best thing about working with PEAK is although you’re technically working, you get the opportunity to find the secret gems hidden in your country and you also get to show them off to travellers. The opportunity of showing off my country and being proud to call it my home is what makes this job so amazing and what brings me back each year. I’ve worked many jobs and have always dreaded not having days off because I want to DO something or to travel somewhere. With this job, you are always doing something, always smiling, and always traveling. Of course, meeting all your passengers is amazing but meeting all the other tour leaders and support staff that are just like YOU, make it more awesome as well.

There are so many attributes to being Canadian, aside from sexy lumberjacks to wild beavers, we are known for our friendly personalities and it’s truly something I am proud of. The best thing about being Canadian can basically be summed up in four words: bacon, caesars and Tim Hortons.

As the beer commercial says, I’m proud to be Canadian.

Meet Christine Cunningham
Christine Cunningham

Describe yourself in 2 sentences (experience, hobbies, ambitions, etc…).
I am a history loving hiking freak that’s always looking for the next adventure. This job is my dream.

What brings you back year after year?
The thing that brings me back year after year is this is my dream job. My job is to travel around and show off this beautiful country to people from around the world. I’m pretty sure there is nothing cooler than that!

Can you describe a ‘wow’ moment, when you thought ‘I can’t believe this is my job’?
I am constantly having wow moments in this job, but one of my favorite wow moments are Zion to Las Vegas days. A lot of times to fit everything in, we are forced to wake up at 4 am to hike one of the most incredible hikes in the world (Angel’s Landing).

What do you plan to do in the winter season? What have you done in the past?
Travel the world!

What do you think makes a ‘great’ leader? How can returning leaders improve year after year?
The two things I think make a great leader are energy and knowledge. You are responsible for not only these people having a great time, but also their safety. It’s a lot of responsibility to shoulder and it really takes it out of you after a long day. But I think the key is remembering how excited the people on your trip are, and how excited you also once were visiting these places and to keep that energy consistent. The thing leaders improve on year after year is our knowledge. The more trips you do, the wiser you become.

Meet Katie James
Anne Perry

Before working here, I had spent the previous few years travelling the world. I was initially hesitant about spending every day at a “boring desk job” but I could not have been more wrong! I get to work in an industry I love, collaborate with adventurous coworkers, and receive great perks along the way. Like the idea of coming to work in a onesie? Hanging out on the beanbag chairs at lunch? Or maybe taking part in a Friday Ping-Pong tournament? Then this just might be the place for you.